Woman left looking 'like Mr Potato Head' after buying veneers online

Woman left looking 'like Mr Potato Head' after buying veneers online

It's every girl's dream to have a perfect smile for picture day. But when one Scottish teen attempted to achieve this by buying veneers online, her smile was left looking less than ideal.

18-year-old Ferne Rawson likened herself to the classic Mr. Potato Head toy after buying Snap-On Smiles from The Bright Smiles website. The clip-in veneers left her with overly large chompers that she couldn't help but laugh at.

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Ferne tweeted a photo of herself wearing the veneers next to a product review photo from the company's website. She thought her teeth would resemble the review after spending almost $50 on the veneers. Instead, she deemed the final look comical. Her Twitter captions reads:

"Ferne strikes again. Ordered clip in veneers cause all the pics looked good and a got all excited and they just arrived and I look like MR POTATO HEAD. Cannot breathe, actual best 40 quid I’ve ever spent."

Ferne followed up by sending an e-mail to the company. She posted a tweet of a screenshot with the caption: "Sent a strongly worded email." The email is supposedly to The Bright Smiles and reads: “Are u having a laugh or what, I look like mr. potato head. I’m phoning the [police] [sic]."

People who commented on her tweet thought her experience was just hilarious. They likened her to Jim Carrey in The Mask and Nicolas Cage with vampire fangs:

You can no longer buy the veneers on The Bright Smiles' website. But if you're in the market for a pair of veneers and are upset by this news, you can always head to the dentist to get each individual tooth fitted. Though, with the outcome Ferne experienced, I bet she's glad her veneers came as non-permanent clip-ons.