Woman poses on 2,800ft mountain edge in anxiety-inducing video

Woman poses on 2,800ft mountain edge in anxiety-inducing video

It seems people will do anything for likes on social media...

Footage of a tourist posing on a mountain edge has left social media users covering their eyes, due to the arresting, gravity-defying nature of the footage.

The unidentified woman was depicted waving at the camera while sitting on Pedra da Gávea in Rio De Janerio, Brazil, with a terrifying 2,800-foot drop in front of her.

Check out the heart-pounding footage in the video below:

In the footage, she shuffles down the rock face, ever closer to a sheer drop, before waving her hands in the air. The camera then pans round to show a stunning view, albeit one that is several thousand feet below the edge of the cliff.

Since being shared on Twitter, the clip has received more than 4.3 million views and (as of this writing), with many users saying how it resulted in them feeling anxious.

One Twitter-user with the handle @sarah_got_cake tweeted in response: "I got anxiety just watching this", which was echoed by @MBAYoungBoy, who wrote: "My palms got sweaty just watching her inch down".

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A third, @DollyVol, tweeted: "My stomach went into my throat for a minute."

Damien Taylor tweeted: "Natural selection. Just watching that sent electric impulses to my fingers and toes..."

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And @Leslieoo7 replied to the video saying: "How does she get back up without sliding? OMG, it’s so funny how a video can completely freak you out. My pulse was racing like I was on the rock."

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A Twitter-user with the handle @Tha_Irishman replied with an image of his own venture to the top of the cliff, along with the caption: "One of the coolest fucking things I’ve ever done! Pedra da Gavea in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil."

And as you can see from the social media posts below, Pedra da Gávea is a very popular tourist destination, and many of its visitors take the opportunity to take the perfect shot at the summit.

Per GetYourGuide.co.uk,  it takes seven hours to hike to the top of up the Pedra da Gávea, which it desribes as a "monolithic mountain" that provides "stunning views of Rio de Janeiro from 840 meters above sea level."