CORRECTION: A woman did not shove a priest off stage for saying 'fat women don't go to heaven'

CORRECTION: A woman did not shove a priest off stage for saying 'fat women don't go to heaven'


We reported that a priest in Brazil was shoved off a stage after saying that "fat women don't go to heaven". While priest Marcelo Rossi was pushed from the stage, according to local fact checkers a quote attributed to him regarding obese women is not true. 

We would like to make it clear that this was an editorial error and apologise profusely to our readers.

At VT we take false news very seriously and want to assure our readers that our articles are fact-checked strenuously before publishing.

Religion is often a difficult subject. Sometimes those who believe in a higher power - and even those who label themselves as atheists - say there is no changing their mind when it comes to faith, God, and heaven. But what happens when things turn violent?

Well, one woman in Brazil decided to let her wrath and fury be felt, when she ran on stage during a public sermon and assaulted a priest after he supposedly said that fat women don't go to heaven.

The incident took place at Cachoeira Paulista in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when the offended audience member aggressively pushed Marcelo Rossi, sending him falling off of the stage and into the large gathering.

Watch the shocking video of the woman pushing the priest below:

While you can't hear the priest - who is a well-known religious figure in Brazil - say the offensive remark in the video, spectators claim it happened previous to the physical altercation, the Metro reports.

While Marcelo Rossi lays on the floor, the woman hops off stage as the camera pans to a crowd of around 50,000 worshippers who suddenly stand up in their seats, shocked at what had just unfolded in front of them.

A woman measuring her stomach. Credit: Pexels

While the woman was arrested by the authorities, the uninjured priest continued with his sermon.

Some speculate that the priest never actually said the insult, claiming that the woman was struggling with mental health at the time (a fact that one of the perpetrator's friends revealed). But if the priest really did insult the woman (and other overweight females), what a public way to achieve vengeance.

One Spanish news source reports: "The father has suffered an attack during mass. We pray for him. Fortunately, the religious man has not suffered considerable injuries and was able to continue with the mass."

A crowd of worshippers. Credit: Pexels

It remains to be seen whether or not the accusations that spurred the attack are valid. But if they are, it will be interesting to find out if Marcelo Rossi faces any kind of repercussions.