Woman transforms her life after cruel comments from her boyfriend

Woman transforms her life after cruel comments from her boyfriend

A woman has revealed her incredible transformation after she was given a crisis of confidence by her ex-boyfriend who made cruel and mean comments about her legs.

23-year-old Scarlett Skinner was left feeling insecure and embarrassed when her ex-partner told her that she should not wear short skirts on a night out. The bullying ex said that people in the club were laughing at Scarlett and that she "shouldn't wear anything short because of the cellulite on the back of her legs."

Scarlett quickly got rid of the man in question, but the comment still stuck with her. However, rather than become down-trodden and dishevelled, she turned the comment into something positive and began an exercise regime that made her feel and look better than ever.

Talking to The Mirror, Scarlett said: "He told me that it was for my own benefit because people had been laughing at me behind my back in a club."

"Anyone who tells someone that they should be ashamed of their body is just disgusting, but it was someone close to me, so I followed what he'd said for years.

"I was eating fry-ups for breakfast all the time, as well as copious amounts of junk-food, crisps, sweets and chocolate, and my confidence was at rock bottom.

"I was hiding away completely and completely changed the way I dressed."

She continued: "I started to notice that every single outfit I wore was long sleeved and high-necked - it was loose, long trousers and a big jacket as well."

"I never felt sexy or attractive. I remember always feeling my fat roll over my trousers in my jeans and just never being able to be comfortable when eating a meal."

Scarlett says that the change took a long time to take place and she entered into a new relationship. She continued:

"I knew I was gaining weight at the start of my new relationship - it was just that comfort of sitting at home with your favourite person watching movies and eating all your favourite snacks.

"The whole time though, I just had no confidence in the way I looked.

"I would get physically sick about twice a week because I'd overindulged and never ever had a settled stomach.

"My housemate asked me to run with him one day and I couldn't even make it to the end of the road - I was so unfit."

Scarlett joined up with LDN's Muscle Bikini Bible and took part in a 12-week crash course in training. Speaking about her experience, Scarlett added: "Something just clicked in my brain - I think it really just helped me to achieve the routine and structure that I was crying out for.

"I was under mega stress in my third year at university, but the feeling after the gym and seeing my progress made me so much happier.

"I'll go to the gym roughly five times a week now and have made some simple lifestyle changes like walking instead of catching the bus

"If I'm pushed for time, it's great to be able to just do a HIIT workout or bodyweight circuit at home instead."

Fair play to Scarlett for turning a negative into a positive and showing extreme physical and emotional strength to turn her life around. I bet her ex-boyfriend is kicking himself now.