Woman who dated the Statue of Liberty now engaged to a chandelier

Woman who dated the Statue of Liberty now engaged to a chandelier

They say that love is blind. In some cases, love is also sparkly, covered in candles and suspended from the ceiling. A woman who’s previous relationship history has included a nineteenth century candelabra and the Statue of Liberty has announced that she is now engaged to a 97-year-old chandelier.

Londoner, Amanda Liberty, 35, broke the news earlier this week, pledging herself to the light fitting and flying in the face of convention.

Watch Liberty speak about her relationship below: 

According to Liberty, who takes her name from the giant sculpture that stands over New York Bay, the relationship is deadly serious.

As she explained in a Facebook post, “I didn’t just decide, ‘Oh, I’m going to fall in love with a chandelier today’. No. It just happened. It was totally led by my heart.” She went on to add, “I don’t even completely understand it myself, but I still accept it as part of who I am. My chandeliers make me so happy and full of joy and completely fulfilled.”

Liberty has been described as an “objectophile” - a person who has a form of paraphilia, typically focused on inanimate objects in their immediate vicinity.

As she tells it, her first dalliance was with a drum kit at the age of 14, and since then she has been entangled with an array of items of differing size and location. Liberty eventually settled down with her incandescent paramour - dubbed “Lumière” after the character from popular Disney flick “Beauty and the Beast” - in 2017, following a brief fling with a candle holder. 

While her approach to dating may be unorthodox, Liberty certainly isn’t alone in indulging in phosphorescent fantasies. She is the proud founder of the “Chandeliers, Lamps, and Lanterns” group for like-minded people, and regularly posts updates of her life with Lumière to a captivated audience. 

Despite her stated desire for matrimony, Liberty concedes that she continues to experience day dreams involving other objects.

Writing on Facebook, she relayed one particular scenario involving The Queen and a fictitious band of Buckingham Palace “chandelier cleaners”. As she explained, “They let me operate the chandelier lift in the music room (something I would really love to do!) to bring one of the chandeliers down for closer inspection. I walked around her. And I told the Queen how beautiful her chandelier was...Then, before I could do more, I woke up. Dang it.” 

Though there is no official date set for the ceremony, Liberty has stated that she hopes to tie the knot with Lumière as quickly as possible. It may be an unconventional approach to dating, but when the heart wants what it wants, who are we to judge?