You can now buy $3 Trader Joe's Cinnamon Bun Spread

You can now buy $3 Trader Joe's Cinnamon Bun Spread

When it comes to rich, indulgent and mouthwateringly delicious spreads, my number one favourite is definitely the caramelised biscuit spread from Lotus Biscoff - with, what I'm assuming is everyone's favourite hazelnut chocolate spread, Nutella, coming in at a close second.

But the god's honest truth is that might all be about to change when I try a certain cinnamon bun spread from Trader Joe's, no less.

Yep, Trader Joe's is selling a brand new cinnamon bun spread for just $3, and it's all the rage on social media.

People sure do love their spreads! Remember when a Nutella discount sparked riots in French supermarkets? Supermarket chain Intermarche cut the price of their Nutella by a phenomenal 70 per cent leading to little more than pure chaos:

Anyway, when a customer posted a snap of the new cinnamon bun spread, it spawned a number of excited responses from fellow Trader Joe's consumers desperate to get their hands on a jar or two.

"Had it on pumpkin waffles with whipped cream and toasted pecans tonight. O. M. G," one person raved.

"This on pancake bread would just not be fair to all other foods that exist," another agreed.

One user presented us with the following conundrum: "What do you put this on?!

"I think I'm in love," said another enthused buyer.

One user exclaimed: "I’m dead," and included the hashtag "Cinnamon Roll Obsessed"

Another customer made a pretty sound suggestion for another cinnamon bun-based product: "O-M-G! I want it! This would be perfect," they said. "If they sell cinnamon bun icing too; FINISH! Pizza dough, spread, and icing DONE."

"I need this in my life IMMEDIATELY!!!" wrote one person, alongside three heart-eye emojis.

Will you be heading to Trader Joe's for the chance to buy what I can only assume must be a taste of heaven? I know I'm definitely tempted...