You can now buy a heated clothes airer for just £17

You can now buy a heated clothes airer for just £17

With winter well and truly on the way and evenings more miserable than they have been for several months, everyone is looking for an excuse to get warm and snuggly. The last thing anyone wants when the temperature's fluttering above freezing is to be forced to wear something damp and clammy. Fortunately, one British-based discount superstore has come up with a cunning plan. 

For 2019, bargain hunter’s favourite store Home Bargains has unveiled a new heated electronic clothes dryer. To make matters more exciting, the item has been reduced from an already generous £35 to a comparatively minuscule £17. There’s never been a better excuse to slowly toast your drying pants. 

According to the official product description on the Home Bargains website:

“This Freestanding Electric Clothes Dryer gets your clothes dry come rain or shine. Whether you want to warm up your towels on a cold day, dry some jumpers or delicate items or air some damp clothes, this dryer is ideal with its 10kg drying capacity. The Clothes Dryer is lightweight and packs away for easy storage so it is perfect for when space is at a premium.”

The gadget proved so popular during its initial release that it sold out far more quickly than the retailer expected. The prospect of a generous 50% discount means that this time around supplies could vanish even more quickly. 

The new dryer promotion rose to prominence after it appeared on the Extreme Couponing and Bargaining Facebook group, accompanied with the caption, "Home Bargains have these in sale. Plenty in stock." Naturally, excitement has been at fever pitch ever since. 

Part of what makes the product so alluring is its price compared to competitors in the market. The Sun reports that similar models on eBay, Lakeland, and Wayfair could cost anywhere between £46.99 and £60.99, suggesting that £17 is an absolute steal. Small wonder that the original post has already attracted over 2,500 enthusiastic comments.