You can now buy a heated foot warmer from Amazon

You can now buy a heated foot warmer from Amazon

It's now official: summer has been and gone for another year.

Personally, I'm still dreaming of the long days and warm nights, drifting around on a pool float while simultaneously reading a book, drinking a cocktail and applying sun cream.

At the time, the biggest inconvenience was the hourly readjustment of your towel on the lounger.

Life literally was a beach, but now those days are gone.

Instead, the cold winter nights are already drawing in, the wind is chilly and the rain incessant.

If you, like me, are the sort of person who spends the winter months in varying states of cold, then listen up, because I've got news of a veritable life-saver of a product you might want to consider this season.

Credit: Amazon

That's right folks, there's an electric heated warmer available on Amazon right now, and it sounds akin to slipping your feet - or hands - into a perfectly cozy, mini warm duvet.

22 inches wide and 21 inches deep, the Proaller warmer is compatible with an array of shoe sizes, and it even has an automatic 2-hour shut-off feature to prevent things from getting overheated.

Credit: Amazon

And at prices from around $26.99 on Amazon, it's a veritable steal. Concerned about how comfy the heater is? Allow this description of the product to assuage any concerns;

"Both sides are constructed from luxurious ultra plush flannel that is exceptionally durable and warm; the inside soft plush adds extraordinary comfort to your skin. Only the bottom with heating wires ( for safety concern ) but the soft the thick flannel cover will keep heat inside the pad and make you warmer."

There are three heat settings, so you can adjust things to be just right for your own personal preference.

If you want relief from incessant cold this winter, this warmer may just be the one for you, and with 4.3 out of 5 stars at present time, it seems people are enjoying the added warmth in their lives!