You can now buy a hot dog couch for $7,100 from your favorite department store

You can now buy a hot dog couch for $7,100 from your favorite department store

Some foods are just synonymous will a good time, and there is no food that screams fun more than a hot dog.

From barbeques to theme parks to tailgate parties to birthday parties to speed eating competitions to picnics to just a good oldfashioned easy dinner, hot dogs can be enjoyed anywhere and any time.

There's just something so darn comforting about putting meat in a bun, and they can be enjoyed in so many ways. Coney dogs, Chicago dogs, Italian dogs, Michigan dogs, Kansas City dogs, Brazil dogs, potato dogs, Dodger dogs, New Yorkers - there are so many varieties to please everyone. I personally just like a quality frankfurter, equal ketchup and mustard, and some onions.

But what if you wanted to bring the humble hot dog into other areas of your life? Well, department store Bergdorf Goodman has taken the 'comfort' in 'comfort food' far too literally, and created a hot dog couch.

Credit: Bergdorf Goodman 

The "bun" creates the basic couch design, and it is garnished with a frankfurter, tomato, and pickle cushions.

Naturally, Twitter absolutely blew up at the sight of this piece of furniture (or "frankfur-niture" as I've dubbed it), and people let their colorful opinions be known - especially about the $7,100 price tag (yes, you read that correctly):

Okay, so perhaps you don't want to spend months of rent on what I can only describe as the ugliest sofa I've ever seen.

But can I interest you in Neiman Marcus' $4,950 hamburger armchair, complete with tomato and pickle cushions?

Credit: Neiman Marcus

That's right, for a combined $12,050, you can keep the summer BBQ going by transforming your living room into a seven-year-old's daydream.

(Also, is it bothering anybody else that they used the sliced pickle for the hot dog sofa and the spear pickle for the hamburger chair, and not the other way around? Because it's bothering me...)