You can now buy an 'all-edges' baking tray for the tastiest brownie experience

You can now buy an 'all-edges' baking tray for the tastiest brownie experience

There's no better sugary treat for people with a sweet tooth than a delicious brownie. But some people are picky: they only really savor the brownie that they can eat from around the edge of the pan, which always seems to be much more crispy and tastier.

And if you're one of those people then I have good news for you! A baking utensil company has dreamed up a brand-new invention: a specially-designed brownie pan just for those people who love eating the edge most of all.

An image of the all-edge baking tray. Credit: Baker's Edge

The Baker’s Edge brownie pan is the perfect present for brownie-lovers, featuring a genius zigzag-shape which will ensure that every inch of batter bakes into a chewy edge piece.

On the company's official website, the item description states: "Love brownies? So do we. (Who doesn’t, right?) We think the best ones have moist centers, a paper-thin crackly crust, and lots of chewy edges. If you agree, you’ll love the Edge Brownie Pan."

"It's the only gourmet brownie pan that adds two chewy edges to every serving. The pan’s patented sidewalls also improve baking performance by circulating heat evenly to the pan’s middle, where food typically takes longer to bake."

Take a look at this video showing how the new invention works: 

It continues: "Unlike baking pans that have multiple cavities (like a cupcake pan), our single-chamber design allows the batter to be easily spread. Use a flexible spatula, or simply give the pan a few firm shakes. The batter will settle evenly throughout the pan during baking, so every serving will be baked to perfection at exactly the same time."

"Our pan also has a quality nonstick coating and smooth, round corners so it’s always easy to clean. It's made of heavy-gauge cast aluminum for superior strength and the 9” x 12” size is perfect for box mixes, as well as most recipes for 9” x 9” and 9” x 13” conventional pans. A nylon spatula and a brownie recipes insert are included."

Check out one of our delicious brownie recipes while you're at it: 

The Baker's Edge pan and its various utensils cost $72.50 (£56.28); so why not pick one up for yourself or a friend, and really enhance your brownie experience?