You can now buy blackout curtains that have tiny holes so city skylines appear at your window

You can now buy blackout curtains that have tiny holes so city skylines appear at your window

Ever dreamed of having the perfect city skyline night-sky view from your very own bedroom?

It's the sort of thing that sends real-estate prices rocketing into the stratosphere, normally the kind of view that exists only for the super rich, or on the set of a Hollywood movie.

Check out this footage of a full 'tiny' Hunter's moon rising:

After all, what could be more romantic than sharing an evening night cap while staring out over Central Park and the Empire State Building, all from the comfort of your own home?

Well, thanks to one company, that fantasy can now become a reality.

HoleRoll curtains are blackout and thus designed to block out daylight totally, but through a series of cleverly placed holes in the fabric they bring to light the magical scene of a city skyline. Right now on the website, their appears to be the choice between London, New York and a classic night sky.

Check them out:

Credit: HoleRoll Credit: HoleRoll Credit: HoleRoll

And the product description is something to get excited about, too:

"Only the most high-quality materials are used in TM “HoleRoll” roller blinds. German fabric has 0% light transmission, coated by antistatic and dustproof stuff, and from the back side it’s glossy and white, protecting the room from heating even in the hottest sunny days. All other materials which are used in "HoleRoll" also a premium class and only from the European producers that makes our roller blinds very reliable, durable and pleasant in use. Images that are used in “HoleRoll” have a high level of specification and correspond to existing landscapes.

"Add a touch of sophistication to your home, office or restaurant. Just imagine how pleasant to wake up in the afternoon and to see the shining night sky behind a window. Order “HoleRoll” and you will have your own night, at any time."

The view you've always dreamed, right on your bedroom window!