You can now buy glitter caskets so you look fabulous in the afterlife

You can now buy glitter caskets so you look fabulous in the afterlife

Unlike most ceremonies like weddings and christenings, most of us tend not to think too deeply about the details of our own funeral. I mean, we wouldn't even be alive to witness it, so the details are pretty irrelevant to most people.

So while most people would be invested in say, the designs, and color schemes used in their wedding, they probably wouldn't be too bothered about what their casket looked like.

A husband and wife in St. Peter, a town about an hour south of Minneapolis, Minnesota, were married for 68 years but died just one day apart:

But there is a small minority of people who are very much concerned about what they will be laid to rest in once they pop their clogs.

In fact, some people insist on being buried in a fabulously glittery casket.

Credit: The Glitter Coffin Company

Yep, there's definitely a demand for it!

The Glitter Coffin Company is a British organization that provides made-to-order glitter coffins that are available in 20 different colors. The Glitter Coffin Company has also started shipping worldwide, so even US-based customers can have one delivered.

One father lost his son in a fatal car accident. In the spring of 2018, he took his late son's girlfriend to prom:

The company also makes glitter ash boxes for $30 and can also be bought online. The coffins. however, must be ordered through a funeral home.

Credit: The Glitter Coffin Company

“Our glitter coffins have passed the FFMA coffin testing requirements for them to be able to be used for cremations and burials," the Glitter Coffin Company wrote on its website.

"Our small glitter shards are made of a non Chlorinated Plastic which does not give off any emissions when cremated. Our Glitter shards are then added on to a 100% cotton fabric backed cloth which is bio-degradable over time when used for burials also."