You can now buy 'goth Crocs' with spikes and chains on them

You can now buy 'goth Crocs' with spikes and chains on them

Have you ever had an intensely strong desire to wear Crocs, but been left worried about how it will clash with your style? Ever wondered how you could possibly get the airy shoewear to fit in with your dark black gothic fashion sense? Well, your troubles are over now that 'Goth Crocs' are on the market.

In all honesty, it's very unlikely that you've ever had to deal with these troubles at all, but for the few that have this will be a blessing. For the rest of us, it's a way to top off a fancy dress outfit or simply an oddity to marvel at.

Credit: Etsy/Heavy Cream

You can find these goth Crocs on Etsy, where they're being sold for just shy of $250 (not including delivery) by the store Heavy Cream. "Punk spike crocs to make your feet into the final form rare Pokémon they were meant to be," the Etsy listing reads.

The Crocs-with-a-twist were designed by Instagrammers @lhommeboy and @garbage_b0y, featuring nickel-plated spikes, studs, and some stainless steel chains to top off the bizarre combination. If you want, you can even add another chain to the Crocs to attach them to the leg of your pants.

These strange shoes made their way onto Twitter, where they shared their dismay and pointed out a pun for future footwear designers. "The only thing that's upset me more than the phenomenon that is 'goth crocs' is the fact that no one has f*****g called it 'punk-croc' yet," they wrote.

Twitter soon lost their mind over the insane creation - and this kickass pun.

So, think you'll be buying a pair of these? Either way, I'm sure these guys will see a few spikes in sales in the near future (sorry).