You can now buy leggings that make your rear look like a corgi butt

You can now buy leggings that make your rear look like a corgi butt

Corgis are an undeniably special breed.

As if you needed any proof of this - know that they are literally fit for royalty, with Queen Elizabeth II having reportedly kept over 30 of them throughout her 65-year reign.

In any case, if you happen to share a love of all things corgi - whether that entails simply owning them or perhaps getting your hands on adorable corgi merchandise - you might be interested in these leggings, courtesy of Etsy shop PrincessNuggetShop.

Credit: Etsy / PrincessNuggetShop

You see, these are no ordinary leggings - they are, in fact, designed to make your bottom look like a corgi butt.

The blue leggings come in a small or medium and cost about $54, including free shipping.

Take a read of the product's official description:

“These leggings are an absolute must-have for all you corgi lovers out there. They are extremely comfortable and soft and will never lose their stretch. Everyone loves how well these leggings fit. They are perfect for a work-out, lounging around the house or for everyday wear (If you don’t mind people admiring that corgi booty ;-) )"

Credit: Etsy / PrincessNuggetShop

Reviews of the item have largely been positive.

One person wrote: "Gots these for my girlfriend for Christmas and she loves them. Not only do they match our little pup but she loves the material the leggings are made out of even more. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!"

Another agreed: "Love love love these corgi butt leggings. The seller has been wonderful to work with. Thank you."

A third wrote: "Looks great. They are a gift, so no idea on fit. But the quality appears to be great. Arrived quickly."

Credit: Etsy / PrincessNuggetShop

Credit: Etsy / PrincessNuggetShop

"My wife loved the corgi leggings. Great quality and arrived on time," a different buyer added.

"Great corgi leggings!" someone else shared. "The quality is similar to leggings I have gotten from merchandise at the theatre."

You can order your Corgi Butt leggings here.