You can now get 100 nuggets at Burger King for just $10, so don't chicken out

You can now get 100 nuggets at Burger King for just $10, so don't chicken out

When it comes to different kinds of meat, whether we're talking beef, lamb, pork or anything else, I feel like chicken is easily the least appealing of all the mainstream dead animals we eat on a regular basis. Unlike beef, you can't glean more flavour out of it by changing the degree to which you cook it, and all too often and all too easily, chicken tastes like a hunk of tasteless biomass.

That is, however, unless you cover that bad boy in batter and throw it in some boiling hot oil. Now, we're talking. Chicken drumsticks and chicken burgers are all well and good, but regardless of what KFC will tell you, the pinnacle of fried chicken is by far and away the chicken nugget.

Chicken nuggets Credit: Getty

Combining the deliciousness of chicken with the portability and bitesize nature of a french fry, McDonald's at the moment hold the unofficial title of Most Popular Chicken Nugget, but their main rivals Burger King might have something to say about that with their latest promotion.

Underneath the Golden Arches, any chicken nugget lover of course knows of all the different nugget-based deals you can get for your hard-earned cash, but you might not know of the Burger King deal that blows anything you can get at McDonald's out of the water.

Ever had 100 chicken nuggets in one sitting? I highly recommend you try it, though you're going to need to clear your schedule for the weekend so you can properly... digest it. But while making that request will lead to suspicious glances and a pretty high cost on your wallet, Burger King will let you do it for $10.

If you're not feeling that hungry, they'll also let you enjoy 10 nuggs for the nominal fee of a dollar, but I am not here to talk about 10 nuggets in one serving. That's chump change; we're here to talk about the nugget centurion, which in my opinion was a long, long time coming.

"We know how much our guests love our delicious chicken nuggets," Chris Finazzo, President of North America, Burger King Corporation, said in a press release. "They are crispy, they are golden, they are tender, there are 10 of them, and they are now just a buck."

So while usually I make you wait with these delicious promotions and announcements, you can your centurion of nuggets literally right this second for $10. And even better, you won't even have to leave your house for those nuggs: thanks to Burger King's partnership with Postmates, you can order enough nuggs to feed you for at least two days (provided you don't share) straight to your door.

All you have to do is type in the promotion code "NUGGS" at checkout, and you'll have 100 nuggs before you know it. They're not a dime a dozen, but let me tell, chicken nugget lovers, it's pretty close.