You can now get a Pringles advent calendar to count you down to Christmas

You can now get a Pringles advent calendar to count you down to Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner! At least, that's what you'd think if you were to walk into any supermarket once it hits September. Yes, as I stroll up and down the store aisles, I can already see bumper boxes of chocolates and snowflake-adorned decorations, and I swear I heard Bing Crosby playing the other day.

And there are certain foods that go hand-in-hand with Christmas that supermarkets like to flog early so your grandmas can freeze everything months in advance. Turkeys, wine, cheese, and, of course, chocolate!

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Whether you're the sort of person to eat an entire selection box on Christmas morning or buy 12 different advent calendars for yourself - you just can't avoid chocolate during the festive period.

Although, what if you don't have a sweet tooth and don't like chocolate? How can you enjoy the countdown to Christmas?

Well, savory food lovers, rejoice - because Pringles has released their snack-based advent calendars for 2019!

The product features a rather festive box, and behind each of the 12 doors lies a 40g tube of Pringles - the perfect countdown to those that prefer savory over sweet, chips over chocolate!

Each tube comes in one of the snack's most iconic and popular flavors: Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Texas BBQ Sauce (my personal favorite).

(Is anybody else concerned that they'll just eat all the tubes in one go? Because that's exactly what I'd do.)

Credit: Amazon

The advent calendar features three of each flavor and is currently available from the UK-based store B&M for a very merry £7.99. The product is also available on Amazon, but is currently out of stock (but our guess is that they're gearing up for the festive period.)

One five-star reviewer commented: "Very happy with this product as my grandson does not eat sweets but loves Pringles so it is a great Advent Calendar for him."

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