You can now get bath bombs that remove fake tan in just '10 minutes'

You can now get bath bombs that remove fake tan in just '10 minutes'

If you've got the natural complexion of Casper the Friendly Ghost, tanning can be a very attractive option.

However, if we learned anything from Friends, it's this: things often can - and do - go wrong in the tanning department. And when they do, you can be left with no other option but to wait for your fake tan to fade - that, or turn your skin redraw in a bid to scrub it off.

Ross' fake tan disaster. Credit: NBC Universal

Thankfully, for all fans of the sunkissed look, there's now a simple solution: bath bombs that reportedly remove fake tan in just 10 minutes. Yes, you read that right, 10 minutes.

The bath bombs are the brainchild of Irish sisters Lynsey Bennett, Leah White, and Sarah White, who own The Secret Day Spa. They wanted to create a solution to this common problem as they regularly apply around 50 spray tans a week to the people of Belfast.

Fake tan removing bath bombs. Credit: Lusso Tan

In an interview with Belfast Live, mom-of-two Lynsey explained that she got the idea because of how popular regular bath bombs are.

And while there are products for removing fake tan available, the majority of them are "quite harsh on the skin". She said, "so we wanted something that was made of essential oils and something that would really nourish the skin."

Fake tan removing bath bombs. Credit: Lusso Tan

Lynsey continued: "The girls at the spa are obsessed with bath bombs, they buy them for birthdays, Christmas, leaving presents, everything and we were all talking saying, 'what if it would take your tan off at the same time?', because they tan every single week and that's where the idea was born."

So, to make their dream a reality, the sisters collaborated with a local company, sampling various potential bath bomb blends to find the one that perfectly fit their "ethos" of good skincare while effectively removing fake tan.

Lynsey described the final product as being "packed full of essential oils", giving it an "amazing" smell.