You can now get duvet covers with your best mate's face all over them

You can now get duvet covers with your best mate's face all over them

As I'm sure everyone is well aware of by now, Christmas is just around the corner. Festive jingles are slowly creeping their way onto the radio, advertisements for bargain rate turkeys and mince pies are popping up on TV, and with Black Friday imminent, a lot of us are probably realising that we haven't done any of our shopping for the upcoming holiday.

The trouble is, it's so difficult to find the perfect gift for someone.

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I mean, sure, you can get your mum a box of chocolates for the third year in a row, and your brother might not mind too much about receiving an Amazon gift voucher - but it's not really special, is it? If you really want to make an impression, you've got to get something unique. Something memorable. Something smothered in pictures of your own face.

Wait... what?

Shelfies, a company that allows you to print basically anything you want on clothing and accessories, is now offering duvet covers that can be personalised with pictures of a person's face.

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"Spice up your bedroom with some wild photorealistic all-over-print bed covers," says Shelfies. "You're spending half your life sleeping (or more) so do yourself and your bed a favour and make it extra special."

But why get it for yourself when you could get it for someone else? I'm sure your best friend would love to sleep in a bed smothered in pictures of your mug. Or maybe their own face. Or maybe, if you wanted to make it just that tiny bit weirder, the face of their favourite celebrity.

The sheets come in three sizes: twin, queen, and king - so you can get it to fit any bed.

But if that's a bit too extreme for you, Shelfies also offers customisable blankets, t-shirts, smartphone cases and even workout shorts, meaning you can print your face (or your dad's, or the queen's, etc.) on just about anything you could want.

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Why not check 'em out for yourself? There's still time to order before Christmas, so get yours in soon.