You can now get lessons from the world's best FIFA player for $40

You can now get lessons from the world's best FIFA player for $40

Donovan 'Tekkz' Hunt, widely regarded as one of the world's best FIFA players, has teamed up with GamerzClass to create a new course for players hoping to step up their game.

The masterclass, which costs $40, will consist of a video course covering offense, defense, analysis, and various techniques on how to improve.

According to Gamerzclass, it will also teach players to "become relentlessly aggressive and reduce the opponent’s ball possession to a minimum" and "learn what makes a great and stable formation to suit the playstyle of your choosing."

Take a read of the official description for the course, as written on the GamerzClass website:

"This course will completely change the way you think about FIFA. You'll learn the sickest skill moves, how to set up a crazy structure and most importantly how to score some cheeky goals that'll leave your opponents with their jaws stuck to the floor.

It continues: "Stomp the competition as I have been doing the past two years using all the secrets that I'm going to be handing out in this course. Your FIFA 20 gameplay will drastically improve as I teach you how to be relentless in the attack and build up an unstoppable force."

This Twitch gamer came under fire after throwing a cat over her shoulder during a live stream:

Tekkz won his first FUT Champions Cup when he was just 16 years old.

The British FIFA superstar, now 18 years old, told the BBC: "I had about 300 Twitter followers before the event, but when I got back I'd gained about 50,000 - it was crazy. Before that tournament, I was just a normal kid at college. When I got home, some guy came up to me, and was like: 'Aren't you that kid who won the Fifa tournament?'"

The course is available to buy here.