You can now replace flower bouquets with these pickle bouquets

You can now replace flower bouquets with these pickle bouquets

As the cliché goes, your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life.  But while tying the knot may symbolize something beautiful and incomparably sentimental, in many ways, it's just another tradition with all sorts of rigid expectations and customs.

Sure, there have certainly been a number of weddings which have ventured outside of the norm - brides wearing pantsuits, for instance - but have you ever heard of a bride carrying an edible bouquet down the aisle? A bouquet of pickles, in fact? Well, apparently a carrying a pickle bouquet is now potentially on the cards for future brides.

While not necessarily intended as a bridal bouquet, the idea was pioneered by Grillo's Pickles.

"Not only is a pickle bouquet more beautiful than a dozen red roses, and healthier than a standard box of chocolate, it’s also far more creative," Grillo's Pickles founder and CEO, Travis Grillo, told TODAY.

One bride had her bridesmaids walk down the aisle with donut bouquets:

"Grillo’s Hot Italian Dill pickles make it easy for consumers to spice things up with their hottie, while the brand’s Bread & Butter pickles offer a low-cal treat for sweeties nationwide," Grillo added. "We know there are a lot of pickle lovers out there that would love nothing more than to get a Valentine’s Day gift loaded with their favorite snack."

Check out how this pickle-flavored gelato is made:

The pickle bouquet, which was released in time for Valentine's day, comes with a detailed set of instructions on how you can make a pickle bouquet of your own.

The instructions read:

"Start spearing the pickles on your skewers until the bunch is your desired size. If you'd like to share in a vase, we recommend using floral foam to stick the skewers into as you arrange. If you'd like to present as a bouquet, wrap the ends of skewers with tissue paper. Garnish the bunch with your choice of festive (or delicious) extras, from fresh herbs to colorful peppers."