You can now stay in a Star Wars-themed Airbnb that's out of this world

You can now stay in a Star Wars-themed Airbnb that's out of this world

Ever fancied a kip at the wheel of the Millennium Falcon? Or perhaps, during The Empire Strikes Back, you thought that Hoth looked particularly cozy? Or maybe you’ve dreamed of snoozing in a king-sized bed in Cloud City, complete with a Carbonite rug? 

Well, Star Wars superfan, your prayers have finally been answered. Thanks to what is arguably the most elaborate space-centric AirBnB on the market, you now have the chance to live in the lap of sci-fi luxury in an epic villa just 15 minutes away from Disney’s ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ theme park. 

‘12 Parsecs House’, which will set you back around $275 per night, contains a whopping five bathrooms and nine bedrooms, each carefully designed to match the Star Wars motif.

Corridors have been crafted to look like Han Solo’s iconic “piece of junk”, while ambient lighting and painted walls really give you the feeling that you’re cruising through the Dagobah System.

Check Out This Incredible Bird’s-eye View Of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge At Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

To make your stay even more exciting, the designers state that there is a whole host of hidden Easter eggs for eager guests to uncover during their stay. As managing partner of Loma Homes, who owns the property, Jeff Brown told Insider, "Every decoration was handpicked to go with the theme," meaning that there are all sorts of squeal-inducing features. 

Sometimes, gimmicky destinations can look good on the surface but fail to deliver when push comes to shove. Not so with this apartment. As one review on the Loma Homes website put it:

"We had no desire to leave the property because we had everything under one roof! Plenty of board games, Xbox game system, WiFi, and DVD player, pool table and ping pong table for your use. Yes, Disney World is 15 minutes away from this property, but who needs to go to Disney when you already have the fun at this home."

Thank goodness the actual Millennium Falcon wasn’t this amenable, otherwise the Rebel Alliance would never have got anything done.