You can now take your kids on 360° POV rides of Disney attractions while parks are closed

You can now take your kids on 360° POV rides of Disney attractions while parks are closed

Around the world, people are self-isolating in a bit to stop the spread of the coronavirus which was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation last week. It is a difficult time, especially for those with children, who are even more prone to boredom behind closed doors.

Now, in a bid to break that boredom, you can let your kids explore 360° POV rides of Disney attractions while the parks are closed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger feeds ponies while urging fans to stop going outside amid coronavirus:

Sure, it's not quite the real thing, but it's certainly a novel way of passing the time, and if your kids are on the younger side, they won't have to worry about height restrictions.

It's perfect if you're in the very unfortunate position of having booked a trip to a Dinsey park but been forced to cancel because of COVD-19.

These quarantined neighbors started an impromptu band in Spain: 

So, how do you get riding? Well, it's all thanks to YouTube where previous visitors have uploaded POV videos of many rides including Space Mountain and It's A Small World.

There are literally hundreds of videos to choose from, so there's guaranteed to be at least a dozen your kids will enjoy, and many of them are 360° POV, giving them the chance to explore everything that the ride has to offer.

Check out this 360° POV of the Alice in Wonderland ride at Disneyland California:

Or why not ride on Space Mountain? It's one of the Magic Kingdom's most famous rides: 
Another great option is The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure: 

It's not just older Disney rides that are available to explore online either. New ones are available too.

Your kids will likely love Frozen's new ride, Frozen Ever After:
And, of course, the It's a Small World ride: 

So, while self-isolation is undoubtedly a difficult time, thanks to technology, we can keep our kids entertained. You can even make a day of it, and if possible, tell your kids they're going to Disney for the day and give them candyfloss and popcorn (if you're able to!).