YouTuber claims women are 'too delicate' for handshakes and prefer to be hugged

YouTuber claims women are 'too delicate' for handshakes and prefer to be hugged

A YouTuber is causing outrage online for his archaic views on women, including the bizarre theory that women are "too delicate" for handshakes.

Paul Ray Ramsey has 60,000 subscribers on the site, and talks about a host of issues affecting straight white cis men on both video and on Twitter, including his views on multiculturalism and obesity. Today, though, social media is upset at him for his somewhat unsurprising views on women and handshakes.

According to Ramsey, trying to shake hands with a woman is "patronising", and is "like shaking hands with a child". Based on the origins of a handshake nearly 500 years ago, the 56-year-old used his Twitter account on his computer wirelessly connected to the internet to suggest a hug instead.

"Shaking hands with a woman is like shaking hands with a child. It seems artificial and vaguely patronizing. The handshake was designed as a greeting between men to show that your sword hand was empty."

The internet reacted with a dim view to Ramsey's tweet. People such as @IrizarryTierney, who said: "I shake women's hands all the time. It's sometimes a surprise for them to be treated with respect or, more often than not, just a handshake and totally normal and what the f**k are you talking about, man?"

Then, there's @Maiasauramamma, who said:

"I have never in my life greeting people in a formal setting with a quick hug. My grandfather taught me to shake hands and look people in the eye when doing it. He taught me that I should show respect and be respected. It's a shame no one taught this to you."

Many more took the time to criticise Ramsey for his views, but perhaps unsurprisingly, he doubled down. In fact, he managed to squeeze in several tweets, a plug for an article written about him, as well as a YouTube video based on the outrage he created, where he added a link for his Patreon page.

But what, according to Ramsey, is the best way to greet a woman?

He explained in a tweet: "Do not extend your hand. Simply nod. If she extends her hand for a handshake, shake her hand. If she extends her hand palm down, briefly clasp it. In informal situations she may do a quick hug."

Paul Ray Ramsey did not explain, however, the proper etiquette, should men want to 'do a hug' with a woman.