21-year-old who licked toilet bowl now in hospital with coronavirus

21-year-old who licked toilet bowl now in hospital with coronavirus

A 21-year-old influencer who filmed himself licking a toilet bowl for the so-called "Coronavirus Challenge" on TikTok has now been hospitalized with COVID-19.

Larz, who is reported to be from California, took part in the online craze that emulated the likes of the "Tide Pod Challenge". Other participants decided to risk getting ill by licking things such as ice cream in supermarkets and other random products.

In a now-deleted tweet, the 21-year-old revealed that he had contracted the virus, writing: "I tested positive for Coronavirus."

Watch Larz lick the toilet seat below: 

The revelation was accompanied by a picture of him in a hospital bed. A scene which is a world away from his original toilet bowl licking video, which he posted five days ago to TikTok. It was captioned: "RT (retweet) to spread awareness for the Coronavirus."

An influencer admitting he has coronavirus. Credit: Twitter / @GAYSHAWNMENDES

Larz' video was an imitation of an earlier clip from TikTok sensation, Ava Louise, who filmed herself licking a plane toilet seat.

In response to Larz' admission that he had the virus, Piers Morgan tweeted to say that he did not deserve treatment for the virus.

Morgan wrote: "Why is this moron getting treated? He should be in jail, not taking up a vital hospital bed."

Per the Daily Mail, Piers Morgan said of people who took part in the Coronavirus Challenge: "Karma is a strange thing. If you behave in such a reckless, moronic, selfless manner, karma will catch up with you."

"I don't take any pleasure, I don't wish illness on people, but this has got to stop. These acts of reckless stupidity. That guy who licked the toilet bowl, did he infect anyone else?"

This news comes as John Hopkins University reports that there have been a total of 438,749 confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally and 19,675 deaths at the time of writing.