A worrying number of people seem to think Coronoavirus is linked to Corona beer

A worrying number of people seem to think Coronoavirus is linked to Corona beer

The Coronavirus is a new strain of illness that has been making headlines around the world.

Believed to have originated from animal hosts, Coronavirus causes its victims to develop pneumonia, which cannot be treated with antibiotics in its new viral form. As per the BBC, the death toll now stands at 106 and a further 4,500 people have been diagnosed, with the majority of cases occurring in the epicenter of Wuhan, China.

While authorities have said that the outbreak is contained, cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in 16 other countries.

This exhausted medic in China broke down because of the stress the outbreak has caused: 

Now, despite this being a medical epidemic, a worrying number of people think Coronavirus is linked to Corona beer.

The bizarre discovery was made after the GoogleTrends Twitter account revealed that searches for the Coronavirus have spiked by +1,050% in the past week. This information was accompanied by common questions about the disease including, "how to prevent coronavirus" and "how does coronavirus spread."

China is building a 1,000-bed hospital in five days to treat the virus: 

However, while this consultation of Dr. Google is unsurprising in this age of tech, what was were the number of seriously confused people who thought that there was a link between Coronavirus and Corona beer.

Credit: PA Images

As per BoingBoing, there has also been a spike in the number of people searching for "corona beer virus". Bizarre, given that the only risk the Mexican beer really presents to people is a hangover after one too many.

The "corona beer virus" searches have predominately came from North America, but people in western Europe, Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, and New Zealand are all guilty of asking the question too.

Corona beer. Credit: PA Images

Needless to say, the obvious answer here is that there is no link between the popular beer brand and the potentially deadly virus. The only thing they have in common is their name. In Latin, corōna meant crown, and this is still the case in a number of modern languages including Catalan, Spanish, and Italian.

Coronavirus got the name because of its crownlike spikes, and Corna beer, as pictured above, has a small yellow crown above its "La Cerveza Mas Fina" slogan.