Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have officially split up

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have officially split up

Singer Ariana Grande is single again. The 24-year-old artist has been dating rapper Mac Miller since August 2016, but now the couple have made the sudden decision to split up, to the great shock of their many fans. The celebrity couple allegedly broke up because their work schedules kept them too busy to spend enough time with each other. Despite this, the separation has apparently been amicable, and both have expressed a desire to remain friends in the future.

The famous pair first met via social media, after Miller tweeted Ariana to ask if the two of them could collaborate together. Later on they recorded two duets; Baby It’s Cold Outside and The Way. But it seemed that music wasn't the only thing they were making together. Even back then there was a mutual respect and attraction between the two artists, which later led to sparks flying. Mac made an appearance alongside Grande while she was on tour in 2015 and later joined her when she appeared on The Tonight Show. Later, Miller appeared to be flirting more overtly with Grande when he released his own personal remix of her song Into You.

In August 2016, the cat was out the bag. Miller and Grande had their picture snapped by the paparazzi while kissing. A month later, Grande decided to go public about her dalliance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, where she stated: "This is so crazy. I’ve never had the relationship talk on a show before," before confirming that she was very happy with Miller.

After that, the two of them regularly shared pics of each other on social media, and Miller provided emotional support for Ariana in the wake of her traumatic experiences in Manchester, England, when a suicide bomber detonated an improvised explosive device at one of her concerts, killing 22 people.

Ariana took a brief hiatus from social media in order to work on her fourth studio album. However, the couple were still spotted with each other from time to time. They were seen together during the 2018 Oscars weekend at Madonna's exclusive afterparty, and more recently were spied cuddling up together at the Coachella. However, now the two have chosen to sever ties for the sake of their careers, with Ariana expected to open the Billboard Music Awards later this year.