12 Jokes that will make millennials laugh and cry at the same time

12 Jokes that will make millennials laugh and cry at the same time

It's a sad fact that millennials are often scorned by older age groups, and it seems like the age gap is widening further and further. Stereotypes and prejudices have made it difficult for elders and modern youth to sympathise with each other. Boomers view millennials as entitled children: special snowflakes who have been made lazy and apathetic by the self-esteem movement.

On the other hand, millennials view boomers as spoilt freeloaders, lucky enough to be born during a time of plenty, who have since driven the economy and the housing market into the ground. One minute they'll insist that giving up avocados will eventually recoup the costs of buying a house, (protip: it won't) the next they're insisting that we're "killing" an already-ailing industry.

It can all get pretty aggravating, and social media is the perfect outlet to vent those frustrations. So if you're being exasperated by grey-haired and wrinkly people, take solace in these 12 hilarious tweets, which prove just how savage millennials can really be when they choose to bite back.













However, there is one stereotype about millennials that 100 per cent holds water: namely that we're all totally head-over-heels obsessed with gadgets. If you need proof of this axiom, then check out this article we penned all about the 10 inventions that most millennials simply couldn't live without.