15 tweets that perfectly summed up the royal wedding

15 tweets that perfectly summed up the royal wedding

There were many, many things that we were all keen to see at the royal wedding: What Meghan's dress would be like, which celebrities would be there, who was snubbed, what awful hats Beatrice and Eugenie would be wearing this time, that all-important first kiss in front of the world. The list went on and on.

However, as spectacular as all of that turned out to be, perhaps the best place to look yesterday was on social media. As expected, Twitter users were watching every move anyone at the royal wedding made like hawks, and they were more than happy to share their hilarious thoughts on it. From Prince George looking like Draco Malfoy, to Prince William being vexed he wasn't at home with a beer watching the FA cup final with the boys, here are the best tweets from Harry and Meghan's big day.

When there was something familiar about Pippa Middleton's dress

But... are you ready?

In a nutshell...

When we thought back to all the losers we'd been on blind dates with

When one Twitter user knew exactly what William was really thinking

When we all "weren't bothered" about the royal wedding

You okay hun?

When this little boy stole the show

When Harry showed his true feelings in the best way possible

When it got emotional (for a bit, anyway)

When BBC3 took the opportunity to make a point

"Hello Potter"

When Fergie's evil plan went through

When the producers of The Crown had a mare

When it got too real for James

It's good to know that we always have Twitter to turn to in order to make things that bit more hilarious. Thanks guys, see you at the next wedding!