Aerial footage shows new 'Star Wars' theme park at Disney World

Aerial footage shows new 'Star Wars' theme park at Disney World

Fans of the much-loved Star Wars franchise will be ecstatic to learn that the brand new Star Wars-themed land will finally be opening at Disney World on August 29.

Dubbed 'Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge', the land has been the centre of considerable hype ahead of its release.

Gearing up for the theme park's upcoming debut on August 29, aerial footage has been released to give fans a much more in-depth look at what they can expect:

The sneak peek of the exciting new attraction features aerial footage of the planet of Batuu and then gives us a striking life-size view of Han Solo's spaceship, the Millennium Falcon.

Built at Disney's main amusement park in Orlando, Florida, it is set to be one of the largest, most immersive parks the entertainment giant has to offer.

Star Wars theme park Credit: Disney Parks

Guests at the park will, of course, be able to take pictures of the 100-foot-long spacecraft and even venture inside. But even better than that, they will also have the chance to fly it - an absolute dream for any Star Wars fan.

Aside from taking on the role of a 'pilot', guests will also be given the chance to be gunners and flight engineers. Afterwards, they are expected to work with other passengers to smuggle goods while avoiding any potential trouble along the way.

As the footage scans the 14-acre land, we also see other smaller spaceships and a crowded marketplace.

Star Wars theme park Credit: Disney Parks

The Rise of the Resistance, an entirely different ride, is set to open in December and will see guests attempting to escape a Star Destroyer.

Even the food joints at the park will have an authentic Star Warsesque feel. With dishes like Smoked Kaadu Ribs and Braised Shaak Roast, it'll feel like you really are in an entirely different world.

And if you're not planning to go to Florida anytime soon, but do have plans to visit California, then you'll be pleased to know that the golden state has an identical Star Wars-themed land of its own.