'Chocolate lilac' hair is the next big beauty trend

'Chocolate lilac' hair is the next big beauty trend

Now, more than ever before, people are opting for more experimental hairstyles. From partial buzz cuts to rainbow-coloured manes, sporting a unique 'do has been 'in' for a while.

And in recent years, people have taken to blending various colours in their hair - because why don just one colour when you could opt for multiple? Or two at the very least - chocolate brown and lilac perhaps?

Well, as it turns out, the ''chocolate lilac'' look is the latest hair trend to take social media by storm.

So if you're the sort of person who's constantly on the lookout for a bold, new hairstyle, then look no further because this striking new trend has you covered.

Selena Gomez shows off her partially shaved hairstyle:

The look features dyed lilac locks on a brunette (or ''chocolate'' base). So essentially, you're blending two entirely different shades: a more traditional brown coupled with a more ''out there'' lilac.

It's completely up to you how much of your roots you keep to their original colour, and how much you choose to incorporate the shade of purple.

Perhaps you'll want to dye your tresses so that your hair is almost completely lilac, or maybe you'll want to put more of an emphasis on the ''chocolate'' part. In any case, the shades complement each other beautifully.

And if the look is a little too bold for you, but you like the idea of sporting a chocolate lilac 'do, then you might want to incorporate the purple underneath your natural colour - it's a lot more subtle. When you wear your hair down, the lilac will be hidden. It's only when you opt for an updo that people will see the lavender locks peeking through.

The chocolate lilac look is a very versatile one - it's entirely up to you how you choose to go about it. In any case, it's a captivating style.