Chrissy Teigen did a Buzzfeed quiz about which famous John was destined for her but didn't get the answer she expected

Chrissy Teigen did a Buzzfeed quiz about which famous John was destined for her but didn't get the answer she expected

Whenever we're bored at work, we all know exactly where to turn to to help the day go by a little faster: Buzzfeed quizzes. After all, did you even live through the 21st-century if you didn't find out what sort of potato you are, or when you'd get engaged based on your Chipotle order? While we may initially think that pastimes of this sort are for us non-famous folk, it turns out celebrities are all over it as well - including model Chrissy Teigen. This revealing piece of information was exposed when the new second-time mom tweeted an image of her results page for one quiz in particular.

When Chrissy took 'Plan A Brunch And We'll Reveal Which Famous John Was Destined To Be Your Bae', the outcome seemed pretty obvious, seeing as she's married to American singer John Legend and shares two adorable kids with him. However, the upshot of the quiz wasn't quite what the model had in mind. According to the internet media company, the famous John who is destined to be her sweetheart is none other than John Krasinkski, the American actor and director perhaps best-known for his recent hit, The Quiet Place.

Posting the results page on social media, Chrissy made no comment on the amusing situation. But her followers were happy to pick up the slack, with hundreds of them also taking the quiz and posting their results. Awkwardly, a whole lot of them ended up with the model's husband as their Famous John bae. To stir the pot further, Buzzfeed chipped in, posting "sorry it had to be this way".

Fortunately for Chrissy and John's relationship, most people would agree that Buzzfeed hasn't got it right this time. The pair recently welcomed their second child into the world, with the cookbook author sharing the first photo of their son, Miles Theodore Stephens, on Instagram this week.

The new addition to the family hasn't stopped Chrissy being her usual savage self on social media though. She ripped into President Donald Trump yesterday, after a federal court ruled that it was unconstitutional, and thus illegal, for him to block people from seeing his tweets, writing "well well well we meet again @realDonaldTrump".

In addition, last Sunday, she teased her husband for attending the Billboard Music Awards, posting: "Wow didn't u just have a baby John smh go take care of it !!!!!! disgusting" on Twitter.

At the end of the day, it seems that, no matter how many unfortunate Buzzfeed quiz results Chrissy gets, we can always count on her to be the queen of social media.