Disturbing footage has emerged of Michael Jackson apparently shopping for a ‘wedding ring’ with a young boy

Disturbing footage has emerged of Michael Jackson apparently shopping for a ‘wedding ring’ with a young boy

In recent months, resurfaced stories of Michael Jackson have been dominating the news thanks to the Leaving Neverland documentary that aired on HBO back in January.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck, the men featured in the two-part film, have both received support and endured backlash from people who either believe or deny their claims that Jackson sexually abused them as children. Some have claimed that they are only doing it for the money, others have questioned why they didn't come forward sooner, and many have repeatedly asked the same question: where's the (non-anecdotal) evidence?

Well, as it turns out, there's been plenty of it over the years. In fact, a recently resurfaced video appears to show the pop icon purchasing jewellery with a child believed to be Safechuck.

Here's the news report that shows Jackson buying rings with a young boy:

In Leaving Neverland, Safechuck talks at length about Jackson giving him jewellery as a reward for him going along with sexual activities. He even brings out a box of rings, noting that one of them was a "wedding ring" the singer gave to him in a mock-marriage ceremony.

"We did this in his bedroom and we filled out some vows like we would be bonded forever," Safechuck explained in the documentary. "It felt good. And the ring is nice. It has a row of diamonds. The wedding ring. It’s hard to go back to that moment."

Then, Safechuck, now 41 years old, explained that he would choose the jewellery with Jackson, and that the pair of them would lie and say they were buying the pieces for women.

"We would go buy them at jewellery stores and we would pretend they were for someone else," he said. "Like for a female, but he would pretend like my small hand would fit for whatever female we were buying it for."

jackson and safechuck Credit: HBO

Around the time that Safechuck was allegedly being abused, Jackson's own sister, LaToya, came forward to say that the singer was guilty of the sorts of things that Leaving Neverland accuses him of.

"Michael is my brother, I love him a great deal but I cannot, and will not, be a silent collaborator of his crimes against small, innocent children," she said.

"If I remain silent then it means I fuel the guilt and humiliation these children are feeling and I think it's very wrong."

"Now you stop and think for one second and you tell me, what 35-year-old man is going to take a little boy and stay with him for 30 days? And take another boy and stay with him for five days in a room and never leave the room?

"How many of you out there are 35 years old? How many would take little kids and do that? That are nine, 10, 11 years old? I love my brother but it's wrong. I don't want to see these kids hurt."

An image of Michael Jackson Credit: Getty

The Jackson estate has denied all the allegations against the so-called King of Pop, and is suing HBO for $100 million. Jackson was charged with child abuse offences during his lifetime, but was acquitted at trial in 2005. He was never found guilty of any other molestation offences.