Donald Trump called Apple CEO Tim Cook "Tim Apple" and here are the best responses

Donald Trump called Apple CEO Tim Cook "Tim Apple" and here are the best responses

Donald Trump occasionally struggles with the English language, failing to correctly spell simple words like hamburgers (hamberders), smoking (smocking) and the name of his wife, Melania (Melanie). I can poke fun at this, because I've nevver mispeled a werd in my lyfe. #infallabull

Trump also flubs words while reading from the teleprompter, like all presidents, but unlike previous leaders, he has a bizarre strategy for dealing with it. Rather than correct himself, he says "and," followed by the intended word, as if he never made an error. For example, while addressing a crowd at the 2017 Values Voters Summit in Florida, he said parents "sacrifice every day for the furniture - and future - of their children." (Apparently, acknowledging mistletoe - and mistakes - is a sign of weakness.)

However, Trump's most recent gaffe might be the funniest yet. During a meeting with members of his American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, the president hilariously screwed up the name of Apple CEO Tim Cook. "We appreciate it very much, Tim Apple," said Trump, in a video that quickly went viral. On Twitter, the name "Tim Apple" started trending, and the internet couldn't contain its delight. Here are the best responses.

We got him, boys!

Don't forget John Wheel

It runs in the family

Don't forget Joel Grindr

Can't wait to peel that skin off

Her father, who is president, gave her a job as White House Senior Advisor, although she said "Most Americans don't want to be given something."

I believe that's how it works

True, but what a buzzkill

Let's get back to the memes


I like to imagine those are real people

Remember last March, when Trump called Lockheed Martin's CEO, Marilyn Newson, "Marilyn Lockheed"?

Also, he mangled all these other names

Well, thank you Danny Trump - and Donald Trump - for these entertaining memes. Now, I have to run. My boss, Jamie VT, is calling me.