LaToya Jackson accused her brother of 'crimes against small, innocent children' in resurfaced interview

LaToya Jackson accused her brother of 'crimes against small, innocent children' in resurfaced interview

Leaving Neverland, the four-hour documentary in which two men detail allegations of sexual abuse against Michael Jackson, has had a huge effect on the world. The experiences of alleged childhood abuse shared by James Safechuck and Wade Robson in the documentary have reignited the discussion over the validity of previous allegations made against the late singer, and caused many who were close to him to come out and comment on the new claims.

Jackson's estate have already been vocal in their dismissal of these claims. The Jackson family released a statement in which they called the documentary a "public lynching" and insisted that Jackson "was and always will be 100% innocent of these false allegations".

However, while the majority of the family have either remained silent or publicly come out against the new documentary, not all his family have had quite the same reaction to his allegations over the years.

In an unearthed interview with Michael Jackson's sister LaToya from 1993, she stood with those that had accused him of sexual abuse. Following the accusations made by the father of 13-year-old Jordy Chandler, she spoke to MTV about the claims, shockingly not siding with her brother.

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In the MTV interview, she also claimed that she had seen "very, very large sums" paid to keep accusers quiet behind the scenes.

Check out the scathing interview in the video below:

"Michael is my brother, I love him a great deal but I cannot, and will not, be a silent collaborator of his crimes against small, innocent children. If I remain silent then it means I fuel the guilt and humiliation these children are feeling and I think it's very wrong."

She then went on to pose questions to those interviewing her, with such passionate comments that many are wondering why this interview wasn't widely circulated.

"Now you stop and think for one second and you tell me, what 35-year-old man is going to take a little boy and stay with him for 30 days? And take another boy and stay with him for five days in a room and never leave the room?

"How many of you out there are 35 years old? How many would take little kids and do that? That are nine, 10, 11 years old? I love my brother but it's wrong. I don't want to see these kids hurt."

In the same interview, LaToya claimed that she had been abused by her father, claiming that she "knows what it feels like".

"These kids are going to be scarred for the rest of their lives and I don't want to see any more innocent, small children being affected this way. I love Michael very dearly but I feel even more sorry for these children because they don't have a life anymore, they don't."

At the time, LaToya was estranged from her family, and was often accused by the family and some media outlets of trying to make money by slandering her brother. In later years she said that she had been forced to make the allegations by her-then husband, Jack Gordon, with whom she'd had an abusive relationship.