Lego releases pictures of 'Friends' set that lets fans rebuild Central Perk

Lego releases pictures of 'Friends' set that lets fans rebuild Central Perk

What's the best way to gear up for the phenomenal milestone that is the 25th anniversary of beloved 90s sitcom, Friends? Releasing an entire LEGO set based on Central Perk, of course!

Well, believe it or not, but that's exactly the plan - come September 1, fans of the hit NBC comedy will get the chance to rebuild Central Perk.

Indeed, LEGO is releasing a Friends-themed set which comes with 1,070 pieces. The set will feature mini-figures of the main gang (including Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey), and also one of Central Perk's resident Rachel admirer, Gunther.

Check out Courteney Cox recreating the famous "PIVOT" scene for Friends fans:

The LEGO figurines resemble the iconic characters, their signature hairstyles and outfits. And you can spot the iconic New York coffee shop - albeit in LEGO form - from a mile off.

Plus you can build everything from the couch to the counter, and can even add accessories for each of the characters.

Joey, despite not being the most subtle of characters, somehow manages to sneak pizza into the coffee shop.

The Rachel figurine is based on the character we meet in the earlier seasons when she was still waitressing. Her accessory is a tray with a mug attached.

Phoebe even comes with a guitar - ready to perform her classic tune, Smelly Cat.

The most intellectual of the bunch, Ross, comes carrying a newspaper.

Monica has a delicious - but entirely plastic - baked good in her hands.

The ever-sarcastic Chandler comes with a laptop, a clear tribute to his very serious job - a job that none of his five best pals can name.

Also included in the set, are a cookie jar, coffee machine, the Central Perk logo on a window and a lot of coffee cups.

Built as a TV set rather than an actual coffee shop, two ''studio lights'' are also included.

Anyway, if you're at all interested in getting your hands on what is essentially a mini-Friends film set, it will be released on September 1 for $60.