Man on dating show awkwardly comments on woman's weight, then tries to recover

Man on dating show awkwardly comments on woman's weight, then tries to recover

There are many things you shouldn't do on a first date: Ask too many questions, constantly bring up your ex, spend the whole night glued your phone, take your pants off and ask, "Can I interest you in dessert?" But perhaps the number one thing is not to insult your date's appearance. Men tend to be sensitive about their height, and woman tend to be sensitive about their weight.

On a recent episode of the UK show First Dates, one young man made the ultimate faux paus. Othello (yes, that's his real name) met Juliette (yes, that's her real name) for dinner at the First Dates Hotel in Italy. The producers were probably high fiving each other for weeks over how cute it was to set up two people with Shakespearian names. Maybe in a future episode they'll find a 'Hermione' and set her up with a 'Harry'! Anyway, the two break the ice with some tepid small talk about their jobs, then the fireworks start.

Othello, who happens to be bald, asks Juliette what kind of guy she usually goes for."Please don't say an afro!" he jokes. This leads to a conversation about his baldness, which wasn't a choice. Juliette admits that she prefers guys with hair, which bums out British Mr. Clean. To compensate for his chrome dome, Othello brags that has no problem staying skinny. Juliette replies that she was the same way until about six months ago. "What, did your metabolism just go 'I'll see ya later'?" Othello asks.

That's the point where the date goes completely off the rails, and Juliette's offended reactions are priceless. "I'm not a fan of skinny girls," continued Othello, desperately trying to dig himself out of this hole. "It's good to have to have, well, I don't want to say meat like you're fat - you are not. Most men don't like that skinny look, you know... I think you look good. Let me rephrase that, I think you look amazing." Clearly unimpressed, Juliette replies, "Okay, let me go to the toilet."

Offended woman on a dating show Credit: Channel 4

In the comments, some viewers  (men) were Team Othello, while others (women) were Team Juliette. "I know what he was trying to say but he basically called her fat," wrote one person. "Why he is asking if she likes hair or no hair, then why does he get mad when she gives an answer? She should have lied or what?" asked another. Someone else wrote, "So they can make fun of his baldness, but he can't even say "I don't like skinny girls" without her being triggered." Another added, "Her attitude was awful , she can't take a compliment to save her life."

Well, despite their Shakespearean names, I don't see wedding bells in their future. Hopefully one day Othello will find his Desdemona and Juliette will find her Romeo! Actually, scratch that. Othello killed Desdemona after mistakenly thinking she cheated on him. And Juliette killed herself after discovering Romeo killed himself, because he thought Juliette killed herself, but actually she just took a potion that put her in a temporary death-like coma. Man, dating was always awkward!