New open world game is just like GTA - except you're a shark

New open world game is just like GTA - except you're a shark

Last week, game publisher TripWire dropped the trailer for their newest game, Maneater, which is basically like Grand Theft Auto - only you're a shark.

And since then, anticipation for the new single-player action RPG has skyrocketed as gamers gear up for the prospect of playing a bloodthirsty shark.

Take a look at the gripping trailer for Maneater:

At the initial preview of the game, TripWire's president, John Gibson, explained in detail the concept behind Maneater. Speaking at the E3 2019 convention, he said: "The three words that we think sum up the game best are: eat, explore, and evolve."

"Pete (mad dog in the trailer) is the best fisherman in the gulf, [and] he'll tell you he's the best shark fisherman. He disfigures our baby shark at the beginning of the game, and he does some really nasty things, so he's not a very nice guy."

Gibson also explains that there are "three facets" to the "shark-PG" - "growth", "life phases" and "evolutions".

"Growth comes about through eating things - nutrients, people, whatever you can find," said Gibson.

maneater Credit: TripWire

"And that's kinda like your XP in the game; that allows you to level up, your shark will grow a little bit, he'll get more powerful. Then at key phases, we call 'life phases', you'll make a big jump.

As you reach these life phases, you unlock evolutions, which can be applied to parts of the shark's body. For example, you could get metallic teeth that'll allow you to shred boats or a powerful tail that allows you to jump to incredible heights."

Or you could get mutated lungs that allow you to spend a little more time on the beach getting those afternoon snacks."

A release date for Maneater has yet to be announced, but according to Gibson, it'll be out before 2020's E3.