Topher Grace reveals what really happened when he dated Ivanka Trump

Topher Grace reveals what really happened when he dated Ivanka Trump

Everyone knows that the most intimidating thing about dating is having to meet the parents. Seriously, it feels damn stressful to have to meet an overprotective dad or a real momma bear when you're going out with someone, and feel like they might be totally justified in ripping your head off if you say the wrong thing. That would undoubtedly go double for someone who was dating the child of a well-known celebrity, and especially the daughter of the president of the United States.

For example, can you even imagine having Donald Trump for a father-in-law? I'm not sure I want to. For one thing, I can guarantee that it would be pretty hectic and The Donald isn't the kind of guy to let you off lightly after a perceived transgression. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump's husband, and I can imagine that before she married him in 2009, a lot of people might have been put off dating her because they feared that they'd be unable to meet the high expectations of her billionaire father.

What you might not know is that Spiderman III and That 70's Show actor Topher Grace once dated Ivanka Trump after reportedly hooking up with her at a nightclub in Vegas in 2005, after she broke up with her ex Bingo Gubelmann. At the time, People Magazine reported that: "Ivanka Trump and Topher Grace got close this weekend in Las Vegas, where she celebrated her 25th birthday on Saturday at Pure nightclub... Trump and Grace… danced and cuddled on the VIP bed and even shared a quick kiss during the party, which was also attended by Ryan Cabrera, Chelsea Handler and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine."

Now, in an interview with The Daily Beast, Grace disclosed his complicated history with Ivanka, stating: "Certainly, it wasn’t a political statement. This was a decade ago. I met her here in New York and we went on a couple of dates... I didn’t do it for political reasons." However, he also confirmed that he never had the opportunity to meet Donald Trump himself, and when the interviewer suggested that Grace could play Jared Kushner in the inevitable Trump White House film, he laughed and simply replied: "I don’t know, man."

Recently, Grace made headlines after editing Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy down to a total runtime of two hours, as originally intended. This isn't the first time he's attempted a stunt like this either. Back in 2012, he managed to chop the Star Wars prequels down to an 85-minute movie called Star Wars: Episode III.5: The Editor Strikes Back - which was extremely popular among Star Wars fans.

Oh, and in case you're feeling sorry for him, what with him and Ivanka splitting up: don't worry. He's been married to actress Ashley Hinshaw since 2016, and now that they have a daughter together, it's safe to say that he's doing alright for himself.