Five-year-old girl saves mom's life using FaceTime

Five-year-old girl saves mom's life using FaceTime

A five-year-old girl saved her mom's life using FaceTime.

The remarkable incident took place in Cork, Ireland when five-year-old Priya's mom Mary Constant collapsed. Unbeknownst to her, she was having a stroke, but luckily, the youngster's dad had taught her how to make calls using FaceTime.

In an interview on the Neil Prendeville Show on Red FM, Damien said: "I wouldn't usually answer but for some strange reason I did. She was crying and said, 'Mammy was drinking her tea, and she's on the floor and can't get up.'"

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The girl then moved the phone to show Mary lying on the floor, and Damien was able to alert nearby relatives. Incredibly, Priya then undid the latch of the front door, enabling relatives to enter and give Mary the help she needed.

Damien said: "An ambulance came within about 40 minutes and Mary was seen to within seconds when she got there, and she had a scan and that is when we found out that she had a stroke. A clot had traveled to the left side of her brain and that side had completely shut down."

The Facetime app. Credit: PA Images

He continued: "It happened on the Monday and on the Tuesday I met Mary's surgeon when I was on my way up to her and I thanked him for what he had done. He said, 'There is no need to thank me for a job that I do every day, you have a little five-year-old girl who is the real hero.'

"The surgeon told us that with a stroke, time is precious and that without Priya, Mary wouldn't be here today. She doesn't even know it yet, but she is an absolute hero."

An Apple iPad. Credit: Pexels

Mary is now reported to be making a good recovery. In fact, she is already talking and walking, and it is hoped that she will be well enough to be discharged from the hospital this weekend.

While many parents rightfully monitor their children's use of technology, Damien said that he is happy for Pryia to use her iPad as much as she wants, adding: "I know we all give out to our kids about being on their tablets, but when it comes to this, she saved her mother's life. She can use her tablet as much as she likes."