Florida woman, 28, arrested after giving birth to an 11-year-old's baby

Florida woman, 28, arrested after giving birth to an 11-year-old's baby

A 28-year-old Florida woman has been arrested after giving birth to an 11-year-old's baby at the age of 22.

Marissa Mowry pled guilty to the crime which took place in January 2014 when she was working as the boy's live-in nanny. In October of that year, she gave birth to the 11-year-old's son and has now been sentenced to 20 years behind bars for sexual battery.

In the video below, a Florida man hits a female public defender in the side of the head in court:

However, it was not until after the child's birth that the boy's parents discovered that he'd been impregnated by his nanny.

According to the boy, he was abused by Mowry at least 15 times over a period lasting several months.

A woman's mugshot. Credit: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Despite Mowry giving birth to his child in October 2017, he did not report her to authorities until 2017, which is what led to her arrest.

The victim, who is now 17, was present for Mowry's sentencing with their child and his mother.

Prior to striking a plea deal, Mowry had been facing life imprisonment for her crimes. The plea deal included registering as a sex offender on her eventual release from prison.

A woman being sentenced. Credit: WLFA

Opening up about the crime to WFLA, the boy's mother spoke of her betrayal at the discovery of the abuse.

"I thought of her almost [Mowry] as a second daughter," she stated.

An 11-year-old father and his child. Credit: WFLA

Before the abuse was discovered, the family had visited Mowry in the hospital and a disturbing picture of the 11-year-old and his baby was taken.

"It cost my son his childhood," she concluded. "He's not going to know his teen years like a normal teenager."

Now, the victim is in his senior year of high school and having to juggle his academic responsibilities with looking after a five-year-old.