Footage shows the moment a shark knocked a seven-year-old boy off his surfboard

Footage shows the moment a shark knocked a seven-year-old boy off his surfboard

Incredible footage of a seven-year-old boy being knocked off his surfboard has emerged online.

The clip was taken on a camera attached to Chandler Moore's surfboard. It was filmed on New Smyrna Beach in Florida where the boy had been surfing with his family on Saturday.

Chandler's father Shaun said that the day was "picture perfect" prior to the incident and that his son was confident on the waves, having started surfing at the age of four.

To see the shocking moment the seven-year-old was knocked off his surfboard, check out the video below: 

Shaun told CNN: "It was almost 80 degrees, sunny and the waves were good. The beach was crowded and there were a ton of surfers out."

The father explained that he gave his son a push out to sea, and shortly after Chandler steadied himself on the board, he spotted the shark.

In the footage above, which the shocked pair watched on the GoPro afterward, it actually looks like the shark cuts through Chandler's board.

Chandler told CNN: "I was just surfing and then I saw two fish. I thought the thing that hit me was a fish. When we looked back I saw it was actually a shark I was like, 'Oh my gosh.'"

Of course, many species of shark can be deadly - even to each other:

In an interview People, Shaun, who is a professional wake-boarder, added: "We slowed the video down and paused it and were like, 'Oh my gosh, there's a shark'. At that point, we were already done surfing for the night and were like, 'Oh my gosh, we dodged a bullet there.'

"We felt really lucky that Chandler didn't end up having to get stitches or anything like that."

And while an incident like this might put most people off surfing for life, in a subsequent interview with CNN, when asked if he'd go surfing again, Chandler simply replied: "Totally".