George Clooney has been injured in a traffic collision in Sardinia

George Clooney has been injured in a traffic collision in Sardinia

George Clooney is one of those celebrities that can seemingly do no wrong. Seriously: he still looks good despite his age (57 in case you were wondering) and radiates charm, confidence and chill vibes. He's refrained from any diva behaviour on set, and is in every respect a total gentleman ... plus he looks damn good in a tux. But it isn't just his style that's made him the class president of the Hollywood A-listers, but his conscience and stalwart sense of ethics. He's well known in Tinsel Town for his humanitarian work, and he even married prominent human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin back in 2014. Yes; women want him, other men also want him, and the remainder want to be him.

But there's one area of Clooney's life that isn't perfect: mainly his car insurance premiums. Yes, poor George has been a little bit accident-prone while behind the wheel. His most memorable accident occurred back in 2007, when he and his then-girlfriend Sarah Larson were hurt in an accident in New Jersey, when his motorcycle collided with the car. Both Clooney and the car driver have disputed who was in the wrong regarding the collision, but now it seems that George has gotten himself into another motoring accident.

According to reports from Italian state-owned broadcaster TGR, Clooney injured himself in a traffic accident which occurred in Sardinia, where the actor/director is currently filming his latest project; a six-part television adaptation of Joseph Heller's classic anti-war novel Catch-22. Clooney was allegedly travelling along a state road in Costa Corallina, in the province of Olbia-Tempio, when a car crashed into his motorbike while he was making a turn.

As a result of the accident, it's believed that Clooney was rushed to the nearby John Paul II hospital. It is reported that his injuries were not serious, but that the former ER star suffered "trauma to the pelvis" according to the news outlet La Nuova Sardegna. Local media reports that Clooney has now been released from hospital. It is not known if this accident will have an impact upon the miniseries' production schedule. 

Clooney, who has won an Oscar-nomination for writing and directing the 2005 movie Good Night and Good Luck, has recently opened up about his intention to retire from acting and pursue directing and entrepreneurial endeavours.

In an interview with The Sunday Times Clooney stated: "Look, I acted for a long time and, you know, I’m 56. I’m not the guy that gets the girl anymore. Well, yeah, I shouldn’t be the guy that gets the girl ... Acting used to be how I paid the rent, but I sold a tequila company for a billion f*cking dollars. I don’t need money."

Well since he's considering hanging up his hat and retiring, maybe he could spend his well-earned millions on some driving lessons. It sounds to me like he might need them.