Guy discovers skimming stones on frozen lake makes the most satisfying sound

Guy discovers skimming stones on frozen lake makes the most satisfying sound

Skimming stones is one of life's little pleasures. A great pastime for kids, and if we're perfectly honest with ourselves, nothing short of a competitive sport for adults, especially after a few beers.

Now, one YouTuber has discovered what happens when you skim stones on a frozen lake and it's incredibly satisfying.

Another item which made an unexpected sound was this coffee machine that sounds like Britney Spears: 

The video was captured in 2014 by the man behind the LiveEachDay channel, Cory 'Mr Safety' Williams. He is also joined in many of his outdoorsy videos with his girlfriend. And for one reason or another, it's been making the rounds on social media again.

Taken in nearby Anchorage in Alaska, the video shows Williams and his girlfriend walking through the woods before visiting the frozen lake where they decide to skim stones.

Watch the video below: 

Now, while it's impossible to tell just how frozen the lake is, it's a pretty reasonable assumption that it's frozen down to a reasonable depth, and when the stone is skimmed across it, it makes what can only be described as a bizarre, bouncing sound that echoes into the distance.

In response, Williams says: "This is the coolest sound I've ever heard!"

A YouTuber skimming stones on a lake. Credit: YouTube / LiveEachDay

So, what's the science behind the video? I hear you ask. Well, the echo sound is caused by the stone, which is tiny in comparison to the lake, reverberating through its large, icy surface area. It's what's known as acoustic dispersion, as per HowStuffWorks.

Basically, the lake is a drum and the stone being skimmed across it is the drumstick.

However, in order for this interesting sound to occur, there needs to be a moving body of water below the ice. But the exact sound made will vary depending on the thickness of the ice, and oddly enough, how clear it is. The more you know, eh?!