Harvey Weinstein has handed himself in to NYC police on rape charges

Harvey Weinstein has handed himself in to NYC police on rape charges

Harvey Weinstein has surrendered to New York Police Department over his sexual assault charges.

The disgraced former movie producer arrived at the New York Police Department's first precinct, in the Tribeca area of Manhattan, at 7:15 am. Weinstein is expected to be fingerprinted and charged, before being escorted to Manhattan's supreme Court. He will then be released on a bail of $2 million and be fitted with an ankle tag. His passport will also be confiscated and his travel rights restricted.

The charges expected to be brought against him include the rape of a woman whose identity has been kept secret, and forcing a woman to perform oral sex on him. The latter sex abuse charge is thought to stem from allegations made by actress Lucia Evans, who claims that she was sexually assaulted during a casting call. Weinstein is also being investigated for other alleged sex crimes perpetrated in London, Los Angeles, and other locations.

In a past interview with The New Yorker, Evans revealed that she fully intended to press charges against Weinstein, and that NYPD officers had told her that there was a chance Weinstein might get off without her co-operation. "They said that if I do nothing, Harvey would walk I think the significance hit all at once," she stated, "I think everyone’s self-preservation mechanism kicks in when they make a big life decision such as this. What is it going to mean to you? How is it going to affect your life, your family, your friends?”

Actress Rose McGowan, one of the first victims to come forth and speak publicly about the abuse she suffered at Weinstein's hands, made the following statement to The Hollywood Reporter: "I, and so many of Harvey Weinstein's survivors, had given up hope that our rapist would be held accountable by law. Twenty years ago, I swore that I would right this wrong. Today we are one step closer to justice. We were young women who were assaulted by Weinstein and later terrorised by his vast network of complicity. I stand with my fellow survivors. May this give hope to all victims and survivors everywhere that are telling their truths."

Previously, Weinstein had denied all rape charges brought against him. Weinstein will be represented in court by attorney Ben Brafman; a criminal defence lawyer whose previous clients include Michael Jackson; Martin Shkreli, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn.