Incredible footage shows the moment an ex-marine catches a baby thrown from a burning building

Incredible footage shows the moment an ex-marine catches a baby thrown from a burning building

It's a fact that US marine corps only accept the best of the best into their ranks. You've got to be at the very peak of your physical strength, fortitude and endurance to make it through basic training, and once they've been impressed upon you, the skills you pick up in boot camp and in the field never leave you. More importantly, your average marine will be more courageous than a lion and as cool as a pint of milk when under any kind of pressure; with the lightning-fast reactions to back it up, as this next  incredible video shows:

On the night of Tuesday June 5, in the town of Anderson in South Carolina, a fire broke out at the Ashford Cove apartments on Miracle Mile Drive. Firefighters arrived on the scene at around 8.10pm, and discovered that the apartment complex was ablaze and that residents were evacuating their burning homes. One mother was attempting to make her escape from the inferno but couldn't manage to get down the stairs.

But that was when her neighbour, a former US marine, caught her baby which appeared to have been thrown from a window in a bid to save the infant's life. The man did not want to be named for his act of heroism, but footage of the incident was captured by Ashford Cove resident JaQuwan Brooks. Brooks uploaded the clip to social media where it quickly managed to accrue a lot of attention. The baby has apparently escaped mostly unharmed, but was slightly bruised and scratched after being caught over a patch of spiky bushes. A pet dog, cat, and a turtle were also purportedly rescued from the apartments. No-one was killed, but officials have stated that one individual has been taken to the hospital as a result of smoke inhalation.

In addition, firefighters have said that one apartment was badly damaged, while another three have suffered from heavy smoke damage. Lieutenant Travis Poore, of the Anderson Fire Department, has stated the cause of the conflagration is believed to have stemmed from a cooking fire on a stove, which a resident unsuccessfully attempted to put out with a fire extinguisher. "It was definitely unintentional," Poore stated. "We are so glad that the baby was gotten out without significant injuries ... This could have been much, much worse. We are grateful that it wasn't."

Ashford Cove resident and fire survivor Sheila Hudson added: "The fire started on the top floor and we were in a bottom unit. I'm just grateful that we all are OK. We have a lot of smoke damage in our unit, but some of my neighbours lost even more than we did."

The Red Cross are reportedly caring for the people displaced by the fire. I suppose this story proves that not all heroes wear capes. In fact, they don't even need to be in uniform.