Man and woman arrested after punching Trump supporter wearing MAGA hat

Man and woman arrested after punching Trump supporter wearing MAGA hat

A man and a woman have been arrested for punching a Trump supporter reportedly because he was wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat.

The incident took place at a bar in Portland on August 24, where Milwaukee resident Luke Lenzner and his wife Leah were enjoying a drink. However, because Luke was wearing a MAGA hat, the other patrons began to verbally abuse him, suggesting that he was racist.

"Almost the entire bar stands against him and he stood his ground," Leah wrote on Facebook.

Because of this abuse, the couple left the bar. Leah explained that none of the bar staff took action to intervene.

"Of course we left, no one will stand with us and we don't want a fight but they do," Leah continued. "Again, we are minding our own business so please mind ours."

But after the couple left, they were followed by two of the people who had allegedly been abusing them inside the bar, a man and a woman who proceeded to punch Luke.

According to Leah, they did so in an attempt to get him to take off his MAGA hat.

"As the news said, he did not get involved physically even though he had many people going at him and trying to get his hat off his head," she revealed on Facebook. "No, Luke did not start this … I'm so proud of my husband for being so strong."

Luke refused to remove his hat to satisfy the people who were assaulting him, standing by his support of President Trump and the slogan which, for many, was inextricably linked to his victory in the 2016 election.

"We are Trump supporters and if you don't like it then delete me, defriend me, whatever," Leah declared on Facebook.

After the incident, Luke had to go to the emergency room to have the wounds on his face attended to.

"I'm honestly so [expletive], my husband was assaulted," Leah wrote on Facebook. "He is at the hospital because he was assaulted for wearing a MAGA hat and the [expletive] broke his nose."

According to the Daily Mail, Adebisi A. Okuneye, 23, and Leopold A. Hauser, 22, were subsequently arrested and charged with third-degree assault. They tried to flee the scene, but because Luke had taken note of their license plate, they were apprehended a few blocks away.

Despite witnesses blaming Luke for the altercation because of his decision to wear the MAGA hat, police have confirmed that Luke did not physically assault anyone.

"I got to see first hand how someone is treated in Portland when they wear a Make America Great Again hat, it's not good," Leah said on Facebook. "This is what happens when you walk Portland with a MAGA hat. Thanks to the Portland Police the perps have been arrested."