Man lights joint in court while facing marijuana charge

Man lights joint in court while facing marijuana charge

A Tennessee man has lit a joint in court while facing a marijuana charge.

Twenty-year-old Spencer Boston was on trial at General Sessions Court in Lebanon, Tennessee, on Monday after he was arrested and charged with possession for a second time, as per the Daily Mail. However, while in the stand, Boston lit a joint.

Watch the moment he lights up a joint in court: 

In the presence of Judge Haywood Barry, the 20-year-old took out what appeared to be a prerolled spliff. He then lit it using matches, prompting the people behind him to move away from what they reported to be the smell of marijuana.

Officers then arrested Barry, and he was removed from the court through a cloud of smoke.

Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan told WTVF that the incident was "one of the craziest things [he's] ever seen". He added that many people in court laughed when they realized what was going on.

As per Wilson County court documents, Boston was in court because of disorderly conduct and was facing a charge for the possession of marijuana, a Schedule VI drug, the Mail reports.

Marijuana leaves. Credit: Pexels

Despite flying in the face of the law, when Barry's actions became known on social media, they very much reflected calls for the drug to be legalized.

In response to the story, one Twitter user simply wrote: "Not all heroes wear capes."

Another remarked: "My kind of guy."

In fact, the general populous was so unphased by Boston's actions that they've come together to create a GoFundMe to help cover his bail fee and court costs.

One wrote: "I've raised over 1000$ on a gofundme for Spencer's bail and to help him with court fees and such! please feel free to donate! #atruelegend."

As per the New York Post, the 20-year-old's bond has been set at $3,000.