Man with 'I'm a thief' tattooed on his forehead is arrested for stealing

Man with 'I'm a thief' tattooed on his forehead is arrested for stealing

An 18-year-old who has the words "I am a thief and an idiot" tattooed across his head has been arrested for shoplifting in Brazil.

Ruan Rocha da Silva, who made headlines last year after being forcibly tattooed, was allegedly caught stealing several cans of deodorant from a grocery store and was arrested by Military Police in the Maripora area of Sao Paulo.

It's not the first time that the teenager has gone viral. Just last year, Silva made the headlines when two men were arrested for forcibly tattooing him as punishment for reportedly trying to steal a bike.

According to his family, who claim that Silva suffers from mental illness and drug abuse, their son was innocent in the bike incident, with him always denying the accusation and maintaining that he simply fell into the bike while drunk, causing it to be knocked over.

Tattooist Maycon Wesley Carvalho, 27, and his neighbour, Ronildo Moreira de Aruajo, 29, heard about the theft of the bike in their local neighborhood and decided to take action against Silva, who they believed to be the culprit.

It's reported that the duo rented a room in a boarding house before tying Silva to a chair and forcing to have the words "I am a thief and an idiot" tattooed on his forehead.

Silva went missing for several days after the incident and his family contacted the police once they saw the video go viral online.

His uncle told G1 Brasil: "He's very well-liked in the neighborhood and many people started looking for him, they came to tell us where he was and his friends went to pick him up, and now he's at his grandmother's house, resting."

Carvalho and Aruajo were both found guilty of torture by a judge, with Carvalho being handed a sentence of three years and four months in prison and Aruajo receiving three years and five months for his role in the incident.

They were caught after they filmed themselves performing the tattoo on Silva and then sending the clip around their friendship group, with it eventually circulating online.

In the clip, Carvalho can be heard telling Silva, "It is going to hurt, it is going to hurt."

However, this time, Silva was taken into custody after a shop assistant allegedly caught him stealing five cans of deodorant.

The teenager has been released after paying the 1,000BRL bail and is currently awaiting trial.

According to his cousin, Silva's shoplifting was due to a relapse in his drug problem, with his lawyer telling the judge that his client had previously been addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol and was receiving treatment. Local media also reports that Silva attended a rehab facility in Sao Paulo earlier this year.

While shoplifting is undoubtedly wrong, let's hope that Silva gets the help he requires to get him off the drugs and alcohol. The kid clearly has some demons, and tattooing insults into his head isn't going to help that.