McDonald's is giving away free fries today

McDonald's is giving away free fries today

McDonald's is giving away free fries today to its UK customers.

This is a part of the restaurant chain's 24 deals in 24 days promotion - all of which are available to collect for free and with no need to order another item through the McDonald's app.

Simply download the McDonald's app, order the fries, and you're good to go. Worth £1.09, the fries can be collected for free at 1,300 UK restaurants, excluding the 28 where the app is not currently in use.

In the video below, kids taste test the new vegetarian Happy Meal:

Discussing the month-long promotion as per the Metro, Ben Fox, marketing director for McDonald's UK and Ireland said: "We're excited to offer customers 24 deals over 23 days to brighten up the month of January.

"The daily deals are exclusively available through the My McDonald's App, which also enables our customers to beat the queue, enjoy table service, customize orders and remember their favorite orders."

McDonald's fries. Credit: PA Images

This is excellent news for fans of the Golden Arches, even more so now that McDonald's has also announced that new users of the app are eligible for a free McCafé drink.

This could equate to a saving of up to £1.79 if you've got slightly more expensive taste in coffee and opt for the cappuccino.

And if that wasn't already enough to make your Friday, McDonald's also announced the very welcome return of the Spicy McNuggets.

However, you'll have to be quick as they're only available for four weeks and it's already the end of the first one!

Priced the same as normal chicken nuggets - six can be purchased for £3.19, nine for £3.49, or you can go all out and get 20 for £4.99. Excellent (especially if you've been drinking). 

And if you really like your spice, don't worry, these nugs aren't for the faint-hearted. They also come with a Tabasco-based dip to make them even spicer.

McDonald's customers were first treated to Spicy McNuggets last summer when they were introduced for a seven-week trial.