Model wins payout after being fired for taking 'revealing' photos at work

Model wins payout after being fired for taking 'revealing' photos at work

A Canadian model has won a payout after being fired for taking "revealing" photos at work.

Thirty-year-old Stephanie Katelnikoff was dismissed from her job at Canadian Pacific in 2017, after revealing photographs of her under the name Miss Demeanour were discovered on Facebook.

This woman was told to cover-up after wearing a crop top on a flight: 

They were taken on a railway that's company property, and these pictures, coupled with disparaging comments she allegedly made about the company, led to her dismissal.

However, following a union investigation, Katelnikoff's dismissal has now been deemed as wrongful, and while she will not receive her old job back, she will be compensated.

As per Vice, arbitrator Richard Hornung sided with Katelnikoff's legal representation from Teamsters - the union representing CP Rail workers. He said that Katelnikoff's actions warranted a short suspension rather than a dismissal.

The union also argued during the arbitration hearing that a complaint email about Katelnikoff's social media posts came from a false email address, CBC reports.

However, Hornung did acknowledge that some of the 30-year-old's posts on social media after her firing, including one about a CP investigating officer, were inappropriate.

Recounting her victory on Facebook, Katelnikoff wrote:

"It's been a long, hard two years since my dream job at the railroad was stripped from me. Two years of self-doubt, struggle, and uncertainty. Two years of fighting for what I call justice. Well, folks, I'm happy to announce that I WON MY WRONGFUL DISMISSAL CASE.

"CP Rail wrongfully dismissed me, for a second time. The first was, inter alia, for filing a founded sexual harassment complaint against a man who threatened to break into my house and go through my underwear. This time? They brought up my risqué modeling photos.

"Did I make some mistakes? Absolutely. Did they warrant my dismissal? Absolutely not. Were my personal photos revealing? Sure. Can you legally fire someone in part or in whole for being 'too sexy/sexual' on their personal time? Apparently not!"

The 30-year-old claimed that the man who ordered her dismissal for posing on the railway tracks had actually done the same thing with his wife and unleashed dog.

Katelnikoff has now slammed the company for what she has described as "double standards", and she said that unlike her male colleague, she was not employed by Canadian Pacific when her pictures were taken on the railway tracks.